Current and Most Recent Assignments

*live assignments

Stock photo of mannequins in a shop windowBuying & Merchandising/Trading
Buying Director – fashion retailer
Head of Merchandising – luxury retailer
Head of Buying Womenswear – department store
Senior Buyer Menswear – online retailer
Senior Buyer Womenswear & Accessories – online retailer

CEO – Online fashion retailer
CEO – high street fashion retailer
MD – premium jewellery retailer*
MD – accessories retailer
MD – online retailer
MD – specialist high street retailer
Chairman – lifestyle fashion retailer

CRM Director – online travel company
Head of CRM – online retailer
Head of CRM & Customer Experience – young fashion retailer
Head of CRM – premium fashion retailer*
Head of CRM – young fashion retailer*
Head of eCRM – luxury fashion retailer
Global Head of CRM – beauty company
Head of CRM – luxury online retailer

Head of Digital – Fast growing B2B Business
Multichannel Director – fashion retailer*
Ecommerce Director – specialist out of town retailer
Ecommerce Director – fashion retailer*
Head of Search – fashion retailer
Head of PPC & SEO – fashion retailer
Head of Digital Marketing – fashion retailer
Head of Digital Marketing – womenswear retailer
Head of Online Marketing – cosmetics brand
Head of Online Trading – menswear retailer*
Head of International – online retailer*
Head of Ecommerce – fashion retailer
Head of Ecommerce – specialist retailer
Head of Ecommerce – luxury online retailer
Head of Ecommerce – online beauty retailer*
Head of Ecommerce – fashion retailer
Ecommerce Project Manager – fashion retailer*
Digital Director – publishing company
Head of Channels – FTSE 100 pharmaceutical company

A businesswoman sitting on a sofa, putting on her shoesFinance

Finance Director – fashion retailer
Finance Director – fashion retailer
Head of Finance – FTSE 100 pharmaceutical company

HR Director – specialist retailer
HR Director – gaming company
Divisional HR Director – supermarket chain
Head of HR – luxury retailer
Head of HR – high street retailer*
IR Director – FTSE 100 financial services company
Head of ER – financial services company
Senior HR Business Partner – FTSE 250 telecoms company
Senior HR Business Partner – publishing company
HR BP – FMCG/retail company*

Stock photograph of a London skylineInternational
International Director – specialist retailer
Head of International – fashion retailer
Head of International – online retailer
Country Manager, France – fashion retailer
Country Manager UK – premium fashion retailer

Stock photograph of models on a catwalkMarketing & PR
Commercial Director – womenswear retailer
Chief Marketing Officer – online fashion retailer
Marketing Director – fashion retailer*
Marketing Director – high street beauty retailer
Group Marketing Director – premium jewellery brand
Marketing Director – global software company
PR Director – cosmetics company
Head of PR – premium womenswear retailer
Head of PR – high street retailer
Head of Press – premium womenswear retailer
Head of Marketing & PR – cosmetics company
Head of Marketing – luxury jewellery brand
Head of Marketing – premium womenswear retailer*
Head of Marketing – womenswear retailer
Head of Digital Marketing – fashion retailer
Head of Digital Marketing – womenswear retailer
Head of Online Marketing – cosmetics brand
Global Head of Visual Merchandising & Store Design – premium retailer*

Head of Property – specialist retailer
Head of Visual Merchandising – fashion retailer*
Head of Store Design – fashion retailer
Head of Design – hotel chain

Stock image of shoppers on a busy streetRetail Operations
Retail Director – fashion retailer
Retail Director – premium fashion retailer*
Retail Sales Director – premium fashion retailer
Retail Director – luxury retailer
Head of Retail – premium retailer
Head of Retail (North) – fashion retailer
Head of Retail Operations – fashion retailer
Regional Director – supermarket chain
Regional Managers – various retailers

Sales Director – Global fashion retailer
Head of Wholesale – premium fashion and accessories retailer
Head of Wholesale – high street retailer*
Business Development Director – B2B Digital Marketing Agency
Head of International Wholesale -luxury  fashion retailer

Stock photograph of a businessman straightening his tieSupply Chain/Logistics
Logistics Director – specialist retailer
Head of Logistics – high street retailer
Head of Logistics & Operations – high street retailer*
Head of Supply Chain – electrical retailer
Head of Supply Chain – online retailer