Our Process

Keller Monroe Executive Search has developed specific expertise in the targeting and engagement of senior management and board level executives. We are proactive headhunters who work on a retained basis with our clients.  We are not reliant on a database of ‘available’ candidates and we don’t advertise to source candidates for any of our searches. Our research model gives us access to passive candidates, those who aren’t actively looking and are happy and successful in their current position.  They are generally well hidden within their current organisation and these are the candidates that we will be presenting to our clients. At Keller Monroe we have the expertise to unlock this talent, these are candidates that are typically inaccessible using traditional recruitment methods.

What our clients can expect from us

  • We will present candidates that are not active in the market or at interview with other companies
  • All candidates will be handpicked based on the skill set and cultural fit that was detailed at briefing stage
  • All approaches will be confidential and all candidates will sign an NDA
  • We will manage the offer process ensuring salaries are consistent with the industry and that any counter offers are dealt with effectively
  • Clients will be presented with a full search report

What we expect from our clients

  • Sufficient time set aside to meet with and thoroughly brief our consultants
  • Access to all stakeholders involved in the interview process
  • Full salary details of the position including all benefits
  • Signed terms of engagement before we commence the search
  • Response to any calls left by our consultants within 24 hours

Our Executive Search approach

It is anticipated that the successful candidate will be sourced from a defined list of target organisations using a headhunting process. This process allows us to ‘sell’ the opportunity to selected individuals to entice and engage them. It is unlikely that the person you seek is considering a move outside their current company.

 The benefits of this approach are significant:-

A headhunter will have the expertise and experience to surface a better quality of candidate as they are able to target suitable individuals from within your competitors and other relevant organisations.

In most circumstances these individuals will not be actively looking and therefore won’t be in contention for other positions which reduces the risk of candidate withdrawal following a competing offer of employment.

The pre-screening of shortlisted candidates before final presentation is more robust with a headhunted candidate. A headhunter will not simply match skills to a CV and then arrange an interview between candidate and client. There will be a formal consultative discussion between consultant and potential candidates in order to discuss issues such as:

  • Key strengths and skill set
  • Experience as it relates to the job description
  • Career progression
  • Cultural fit
  • Leadership style
  • Developmental areas
  • Key achievements
  • Career aspirations
  • Salary expectations

The process we work to means that our clients receive a coherent shortlist of relevant candidates who are a fit for their business rather than a random bombardment of CV’s. Candidates will be well matched to the brief and your time won’t be wasted interviewing unsuitable candidates.